ON HOLD. 1942 Cadillac Series 62 Sedanette Fastback


Recently arrived. This is an absolutely spectacular vehicle. Just under 12,000 miles showing on the car. We have the original title as of 2000 and it shows 10,900 miles at that time. I doubt the mileage is correct but, it does drive near perfect, just like a low mileage vehicle should.  Super rare being a 1942 model.

We had never previously even seen a 1942 sixty two series Club Coupe before we purchased this one, and try as we have, in the past 6 months we have only found another 3 vehicles world wide! 

This vehicle came off the assembly line on the 14th November 1941, just 3 weeks before Pearl Harbor.

Production on all Cadillac vehicles ceased in Febuary 1942 to concentrate on building tanks and other vehicles for the war effort.

The car shows body number 24 out of a "possible" 515 sixty two series vehicles built.  Of course there must be others around, but they are very, very rare. 

We just started detailing the car. We were told it was original paint and interior however, it apears the car has been re-painted a long time ago, possibly 30-40 years.  There is minor crazing in the paint that is hard to see. The paint is thick allowing us to rub it back a little before buffing. It will come up really well.

The interior is almost all original, it seems the door trims have been replaced with similar material but not quite the same as it was originally.

The back seat is all original as are the carpets.

This car spent most of its life in California and the sun had faded the woodgrain on the dash. The previous owner painted the dash to make it look a little better (I wish he had left it alone?).

The front seat had dealer fitted covers that we removed. It has a few stains and was very dusty but the seats cleaned up really well.

Under the car is in unbelievable condition. Never have I seen better for a 73 year old vehicle.  The original paint is still there with very sparce, thin surface rust only on the springs and above the fuel tank. This car was never undercoated as most of the North and Eastern delivered cars were.

Never any rust at all in any of the body panels and no sign of any damage ever.

Yes, this car is expensive!  The price asked represents the rarity and truly magnificent condition the car is in.

If you want something really special, Something with magnificent style and presence,  something no one else has. This is it!

VIN: 8381145    

Series 62 Sedanette